Adding some (cheap) sensors for pressure readings.

One of my goals with the AEM Ininity and CD7 was to have better control over different engine parameters. For every step away from OEM we also say goodbye to whatever quality assurance and stress test they did on the particular system or component.
An aftermarket fuel pump or some modification I have cooked up my self could very well fail spectacularly without the EMS having any idea.

So I bought some sensor. I have been holding back because the branded ones are pretty  expensive. Like $150 for a high resolution MAP and $65+ for the lower spec brass ones.
So, Im going cheap. type cheap, and ordered a bunch of sensors for $10 - $ 2o a piece.

There is not a lot of info out there on the quality of these other than
“they are either DOA/stops working after a week, or they last forever.”
But since my AEM $70 fuel pressure sensor only lasted a week I’m certanly willing to try. I ordered  two of each to compare, and have a spare.
The protection functions in the Infinity also defines a fail safe range, so if say the fuel pressure sensor dies or goes under/over a defined threshold, it will assume a 55psi dead end pressure.

From left to right:

  1. Oil pressure. Replaces the OEM one. Must short or find a suitable resistor for the OEM wiring.
  2. Fuel pressure that goes directly into the FMSC fuel rail
  3. Exhaust temp. Only temporarily. Will need some copper tubing and adapter.
  4. No idea.
  5.  A flashy AEM for comparison (fully working).

Most of the came with a calibration sheet. The rest I’ll measure manually.


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