Front DIY splitter using Racebred Components brackets

Front DIY splitter using Racebred Components brackets

Since I’m ~100 hp down on power this season I got motivated to do some aero mods to better lap times trough grip and downforce. I have had the Racebred Components splitter brackets on the shelf for a while but finally got them mounted.

Mounting is semi involved as the front and bumper support needs to come off.

The mounts are secured inside the frame rails. Some fiddling and drilling involved but brackets ends up being super sturdy mounted and supported directly to the chassis.

Plastic undertray needs some trimming to work with the brackets. Also the side tire spats needs to be folded upwards to clear the splitter.

I used a cheap “OSB” board for mockup and prototyping. Would not work for actual splitter as it’s too brittle.

The plastic strip is plastic “Flowerbed Edging” from Should have been higher though

For the blade I used 12mm Plywood shuttering plate. Unfortunately I was only able to get 1500x 500mm plate which is not wide enough. But as a first test it will have to do. I could try to widen it with detatchable winglets which also should cover the front wheels.

I ended up going for a 4” / 100mm lip based on the Race Bred standard splitter size.

Did a short test run with the OBS board and then created the plywood based on the template. I had to mount it as high as possible pushing against the OEM lip to barely clear speed bumps.

Finished splitter before painting it with black acrylic paint. Ended up being 5 Kg with hw. It should def be wider so will source a wider board next iteration.

I did one trackday with both the splitter and wing on the car. It’s noticably better front end grip but the wing had way too much downforce so car was out of balance and would not rotate. I removed the wing during the event and actually ran 0.5 sec faster on avarage as I could rotate the car much easier. Top speed was also higher without the wing so need to play with the wing AOA. It’s pretty much flat already but who knows how the air behaves across the wing. If the giant wing is too much I’ll consider shortening. Balancing it with a bigger splitter is not an option with the measly power and The soft KW v3 coilovers I think.


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