Installing a turbokit in 3 days part III

The manifold with the turbo and downpipe boltet right on.
I was a little worried that it might be some issues with the steering rack as MX5Parts had never fittet this kit to a LHD car.
The bolt I used instead of the broken stud and nut seems to work well. I tightened it a couple of NM extra as the tourqe-number was not meant for a bolt. It's only temporary until I get the parts from Mazda some time next week.
After hooking up the waterlines, fitting the crossoverpipe and airfilter I was ready to fire it up.
It started without problems but, after a minute i noticed a oil leak from the T-fitting from the block/oilpressuresensor. Fuke...
30 minutes later and som more teflontape it looked to be OK.
Time for a ride.
The first testdrive was a blast! I was trying to take it easy but as soon as the turbo kicked in it was hard to ease of the throttle.
I ended up doing som politically incorrect donuts on the parkinglot in second gear. This is a whole new car!
When I parked it and let it idle i noticed that it still was dripping oil, and now it was worse than before. Ngghhh...
I ended up throwing all my tools in the car and drove home (slowly...).
When I arrived at home I noticed that I had used a lot of gas.
I checked the enginebay again and found out that one of the O-rings on the 1. injector was leaking. This might have been the problem all along. The engine leaking gas, not oil.
Luckily it didn't catch fire. That would have been something, 3 days of hardwork and BOOOM.


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