Dataloglab rocks!
I just came home from a tuningsession and did some datalogs as well.
Here is a pic of a 1-3rd gear WOT run:
It's pretty clear that I need some sort of intercooling before I turn up the boost.
It reaches 70 C at the end of 3rd gear. This was at 5 C ambient.
Under normal driving it stays at 30 C.
The maximum injector duty cycle is 54% at 7000 rpm and 0.45 bar boost. It's not recomended to go above 80% but that should not be a problem any time soon.
I also did some adjustment to the boost setting. The wastegate is now completely shut until 0.30 bar where the closedloop boostcontrol kicks in. This made quite an improvement in spoolup compared to before.


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