Changing suspension bushings

Changing the bushings is hard work! It's unbelivable how tight they are fitted into the suspension arms. Here is a pic of the old and new bushing:

It took some brainwork before I found a way to remove the old ones.
I did not have any suitable 40mm pipe laying around to use as a spacer so I modified a 40mm Biltema socket to do the job:
I then used a 27 mm socket on the other side and used a vise (norsk: skrustikke) to press the bushing out into the 40mm socket.

<div>Everythig was going along fine until this happend:

Guess where I bought the vise:

Is it legal to sell crap like this ? I could have used ten pages flaming their products but instead I should kick myself for being one of their stupid customers. Grrrr…
%&¤###!!!&$$##&& </div>


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