New brakes ?

While working on the suspension I noticed that my brak pads and rotors has seen better days. The rear EBC Greenstuff pads was totally shot and the left rear rotor was way out of tolerance.
The front discs are still usable but they have a very uneven surface. I suspect that the Green stuff pads might be a bad match to the standard rotors as they were baby smooth while I was running with the genuine mazda pads.
I'm not a fan of crossdrilled and slotted rotors. It looks pathetic on standard dimmension rotors and I have yet to see test results that shows better breaking or heat dissapation. Most of them are cheap standard aftermarket items that's been slotted and drilled + a sticker that says "Racing".
After endless surfing I found a SPEC Miata brak package from that looks serious.

If it good enough for 30 minutes of racing it should be ok for my n00b trackday driving as well
It will also be cheaper than buying standard stuff from Mazda here in Norway.


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