Brakes have arrived

It took Adrenaline 14 days to actually ship the parts. Other than that everything went smooth.
The rotors are from
Nothing fancy but they looks to be at least as good as OEM.
Some info and specs here

The pads are Cobalt Friction Spec M.
I like their slogan

Some info from their website:
The Cobalt spec(M) Series brake compounds are formulated specifically for Mazda Miata road racing. Designed around the unique chassis dynamics of the Miata, and taking into account feedback from numerous experienced Spec-Miata drivers who have used various brake compounds on their race vehicles over the years, Cobalt has custom-tailored the spec(M) Series to yield a perfectly balance braking setup for the Mazda Miata. The spec(M) FRONT compound exhibits a strong initial bite, yet with very good modulation and excellent release characteristics. The Miata's tendency to prematurely lock-up the front passenger side wheel is dramatically reduced. The spec(M) REAR compound delivers slightly progressive, yet solid, braking torque, allowing the driver to effectively trail-brake without rear wheel lock-up.
I'm a bit worried about their brake performance at lower temperatures as I sometimes use my brakes for daily driving as well.
Stop-Tec has som very good articles on their website regarding "pad and rotor bed-in" and physics of braking.
I'll use their recomended bed-in procedures when the car is back on the road.


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