Project update, new studs and testfitting the DP

I now pretty much have all the parts needed to start the car. The exhaust will be very temporary but enough for a testdrive.

I installed new exhaust studs from MiataRoadster.
The nuts looks a little wimpy. Maybee thats a good thing as the OEM nuts stripped two of the studs and completely seized on 4 other taking the stud out of the head.

I noticed that the MSM exhuast manifold gasket from costs twice as much as a regular NA/NB gasket. FM told me the regular one works.
And guess what, they are all exactly the same:

Here is the goodies temporary mounted to test fit the DP.

I had to use a hammer on the part sticking out in front of the firewall. It’s still too tight but there is more room to be had with a bigger hammer.
If I’m lucky I can cut the DP an slip a 90 degree 3” bend on there to direct the exhaust under the car. If not, I’ll think of something, or I’ll just man handle that s** in there.


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