Project update ( or lack of it..)

Not much happening at the moment.
I’m awaiting parts from FM, ATPTurbo and Miataroadster:
- exhaust manifold gasket, water/oil lines for turbo, FM turbo to IC hose, MS motor mounts, turbo heat shielding, studs, nuts, O2 bungs, V-band flanges and clamps, modular 3” downpipe.

I also need some exhaust wrap and SS pipes for the rest of the DP/Midpipe.
A friend of mine bought pipes at and was happy with the quality. I’ll try that as well.
I’ll also try cheap exhaust wrap they sell at No way I’m paying 800 NOK for the stuff they sell elsewhere.

Hopefully this is enough parts to mock up a temporary exhaust good enough to move the car somewhere to get the rest of the exhaust done.

I still have some other stuff to do like remount the AFCO’s, make ducting for the oil cooler and fabricate some sort of low profile under carriage for the Sparco seat.


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