Alignement specs.

I need a new alignment after installing new bushings.
Over the years I have tried a couple of different setups.
On my NA I had -1.5 front -2.0 rear with 1/15 toe in if i remember correctly That worked very well with the 195/55 R888.
With the stock suspension and tires on the MSM the standard alignment seemed very good.
After I got the AFCO’s and the R888 I did -2.0 camber with 0 toe all around.
That and lots of other mods made the car run 1.08,1 on Rudskogen and I where the fastest Miata at the local Auto X last year.

The 1.25” RacingBeat sway bar did wonders for sharpness and turn-in but also introduced under steer. The car feels fast but I don’t like the way the car exits out of corners. I rather have a little over steer hitting the curb with the rear wheels instead of ploughing over it with the fronts like a fat Audi.

My initial plan was to add a stiffer rear bar to match the monster 1.25” front bar. This however will make it harder to get the power down out of corners as the lift on the inner wheel increases. With the added whp and torque that could be a problem.

Woofster @ advised me to go 2.3-2.5 in the front and 2.0 rear camber.
The extra 0.3-5 of camber in the front had done wonders for his car on the AutoX course.
I’ll try this and hopefully it will help balance the car better in and out of turns.

This time I will not make the mistake of using Nordhagen bil to do my alignment. That has to be the most inkompetent dishonest &%¤#”#!&/ pice of s*** alignement shop out there.


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