DP and exhaust fabrication

I managed to move my car to the guys doing the DP fabrication and welding.
The trip with 3” open exhaust ending where the CAT ought to be was memorable. The roar was immense and there was some bonus noise at the end when the exhaust components expanded and started touching the steering column and motor mount. I did one 2nd pull to check how much boost pressure the 0.8 bar WG spring actually made; 0.78 bar logged on the E-01 EBC :) Probably 0.8 in the higher gears.

The guys doing the fabrication and welding where super cool working to late at night on a Saturday finishing all the 3” plumbing. The 1.5 dump pipe and O2 bungs will be finished some time this week. Hopefully I’ll have the car driveable with a decent sound level this weekend :-D.

The car up on the lift. Almost an necessity as you have to work both from the engine compartment and under the car removing and installing the DP 20 + times in the process.

There is limited space for a 3” pipe on a Miata. The ETD manifold and the ATPturbo modular down pipe with the V-band flange makes the first part a little easier. I believe it is 1.5-2 cm distance to the steering column. Here you can also see the WG outlet. Routing the 1.5” dump tube will take some head scratching. The DP will be secured to the transmission with a clamp of some sort to relieve the manifold from the weight of the exhaust.

My initial plan was to hook up the DP with a 3” exhaust flange without altering the Corksport exhuast. Since I had an extra V-band clamp/flanges this was used instead. No more leaking exhaust gaskets.

Super duper work done by Einar and Harald. All SS pipes and beautiful TIG welds.
Hopefully this will be durable, effective and not too noisy. The 1.5” dump tube from the WG at WOT on the other hand…


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