Exhaust finished !

Exhaust/DP/Dump pipe finished!
Excellent craftsmanship on all parts. Big thanks to Harald and Einar for taking time from their own projects to work on my car.

O2 bungs:

The dump pipe ended up being routed into and down the wheel well.
Notice the 1.75” flush cut end tip :)

I’m a bit unsure if the the dump pipe will hold as there is quite a distance from the engine to where the pipe ends.

The car is now back in the garage ready to get some heat shielding and other stuff.

And, eh… , the dump pipe is LOUD..
Hopefully it will be ok for track days. If not I have to get it routed back into the exhaust, and that means I cant remove the DP without removing the Turbo…
As it is configured now I can remove the DP from the engine compartment with only loosening two V-band clamps. Very easy and tidy.

Another solution is to add a muffler to the existing dump pipe.
I did a search and found some Eclipse/Honda guys that had used a mini Supertrapp muffler from summit with great success:

It has a 1.75” inlet and 3” width. I’m pretty sure I can get that ting in there without interfering with the wheel, suspension or other components.
The discs will also kill the the flames that come when hitting the rev limiter. Quite a show at night I was told by the car behind me.
It’s only $50 from Summit and I need some AN hoses as well for the oil cooler.


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