My new battery is dead...

1 year ago I bought a new Braille 11 lbs dry mat nano tech splinter cell twin screwed bla bla bla battery as mentioned in this post:<div>
</div><div>This is supposed to be the king of all automotive batteries.  Yet it is FUBAR after 1 year.</div><div>I parked my car in late september 2008, disconnected the battery 14 days later when removing the ECU. </div><div>When I was to start the car 5 months later it was empty.  I was not that surprised and connected the charger and waited some hours while I was doing some other stuff.</div><div>The car barely started.  The next day the battery was dead.</div><div>Charged the battery 8 hours.  Battery dead the next day.</div><div>Charged the battery 26 hours.  Batter completly dead.  It could not even power the light in the boot/trunk.</div><div>No point in returning it due to shipping charges.  They’ll probably tell me I broke the warranty since I did not trickle/pulse/power/ - charge it with their certified big $ charger every 15 minutes during the 5 months it was disconnected.</div><div>
</div><div>My turd Golf 1 lead acid stone age battery lasted over 5 years with hard cold winters and nothing resembling care and maintenance.</div><div>
</div><div>I have now ordered a WestCo MX-5 battery from since every one says they are the best.  Hopefully this will last longer than the Braille crap.</div>


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