Clutch/flywheel alternatives for 300+ hp

1 bar boost on a GT3071R = slipping OEM clutch

I need a new one and has done some searching around for different alternatives.
I might as well get me a new flywheel as the cost of resurfacing the OEM will probably cost me 2/3rds of a new lighter one.

My alternatives are as follows:

- ACT. On my first MX5 I had the old FM happy meal. ACT clutch and fidanza fly wheel.
This worked ok but the pressure plate made the pedal very firm. Also the 9 kg flywheel made it very hard to tune the Link ECU on tip inn at low revs. I would like to try something else this time as the firm pedal can be annoying and it puts a lot of load on the thrust bearing.

- New FM level 2 clutch. This unit promises 353 ft/lb and a slighty firmer pedal than stock.
Their steel flywheel weighs 4.7 kg.

- SPEC. Don’t know much about them.

- 949racing Twin Disc Race Clutch.
Tilton clutch with integrated skeleton flywheel. Ultralight and can probably withstand anything you throw at it. Costs $1030 which is about $400 more than other brands. Probably the best clutch for the Miata but too much $$$ for me.

- Exedy. Looks to have the usual stuff + twin disc setups.
Exedy makes most OEM clutches for japanese cars. I would not be surprised if both ACT and SPEC uses exedy components.

I will probably buy the new FM happymeal. If it holds as well as the ACT and has a lighter pedal feel I’ll be happy.


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