RatX5 is offline.

My old trusty NA decided to get rid of all the coolant my way to work. Lots of smoke and coolant on the road. <div>The OEM rad from 95 has obviously had enough as it leaks from the top plastic end tank. A known problem when they get old.</div><div>It’s now offline while I get a new rad and I’m commuting with the ‘Machine’.</div><div>I really miss the NA in rush traffic. The Level2 clutch and flywheel on the MSM is crap for bumper to bumper traffic. I either have to rev it like a moran ricer or risk stalling it. The shitty idel control on the Hydra doesn’t help either. Hydra EMS sucks.</div><div>Looks like I can get hold of a new rad today. </div>


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