ctdrftna @miataturbo.net 3071 dyno results

ctdrftna @miataturbo.net forum ran his amazing NA build on the dyno and got

418 HP

Thats with the same turbo I got but with a redline at least 500 rpm higher then what I will be running.
According to the compressormap there is plenty of juice to be had from the3071 above 18psi so I’m confident that I can reach 400whp with the 7200 rpm limit as long as I have enough spark and fuel.

The engine is a fully built 1.8 with carillo H-beam rods, Integral 274 cams, custom intake and exhaust manifold, V-mount IC, MS, COPS, and pretty much all the goodies available on the internetz.
The build has some of the best craftsmanship, layout and mix of parts that I have ever seen in a MX5. That exhaust manifold and turbo layout is what I would expect to find on an unlimited $ WRC car or something.<div> Check out the build thread at mt.net : http://www.miataturbo.net/showthread.php?t=17881<div>


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