Short MSM update.

The MSM project is going slooow due to problems getting trough the PKK emission testing. For some reason the freshly built engine produces to much CO. I’m using the exact same map and tuning procedure as the last time but I’m not able to adjust the CO correct during the testing.
I’ll try again tomorrow with stock ECU and MAF, airbox, sensors etc. Lots of work.

As for the WG return I’ll try to weld that stuff my self. It wont be TIG pretty but I’m fine with that as it wont show from the enginebay.
I have also capped the top port on the WG and tapped a new port on the side of the membrane housing which I hope will fix the EBC boost spike/misfire wile shifting.
I have pics but my 1GB Google storage on my Picasaweb is full. Will fix.


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