New 65 mm Throttle Body

The next step on optimizing the intake side of things is a new throttle body for my 2001 Sport "square top" intake manifold. I just ordered it from Summit but I wont mess with it before I have a new EMS dialed in with the stock TB
It's a 65mm Mustang TB from Professional Products ( ) which fits the Mazda ICV and TPS. I will need to port match the manifold and change the boltpattern + attach the OEM throttle wheel thingy.
I know 65mm isn't much these days but it's a big step up from the 52mm OEM TB.
This should make for a complete 2.5" ID flow path all the way from the compressor outlet to the runners inside the intake manifold. That must be worth a couple of ponies don't you think ?
It might also have a stronger throttle shaft than the OEM TB which is know to brake or send some of the throttle plate screws down the intake.


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