RatX5 prep for AutoX

Since my MSM is offline I will be using my NA for the NCL Cup Auto X on Saturday just for giggles. Since the 6UL rims wit R888 was lying around I decided to test fit them on the NA just to see how much fender pulling/rolling was needed. To my surprise they fit without rubbing. Or there is some minor rubbing on the spring when at full lock but nothing serious that will destroy the tires.<div>Stock springs, Kyb AGX with the perch a tiny bit lower than OEM shocks and some camber helps.</div><div>Offroad look is the new bling in 2010 folks.</div><div>
</div><div>Since I measured a nifty 93 whp on the iPhone dyno I guess most of the grip advantage is lost in added weight and rolling resistance :) But it will be nice to do some AutoX again. I’m aiming for 1.13ish if my clutch holds. </div><div>


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