Flyin Miata FM IIR turbokit ?

</div><div><blockquote>Horsepower is coming to town
At the last count for Summer Camp, we’re going to have five v8 powered Miatas stopping by. We also have at least two supercharged NCs and of course a whole posse of turbo cars including the first appearance of the high power FM IIR setup.
It’s going to be quite an event.
</div><div>Interesting. FM IIR that is.</div><div>I hope this is more than a T25 flanged GT3071 on the same FMII hardware.</div><div>
</div><div>FM needs an alternative for the big hp guys and serious track driving. The M8 bolted T25 manifold wont cut it imho.</div><div>They should also ditch RC injectors for Injector Dynamics or similar brand current generation injectors. And maybe the most important, drop Hydra and their money sucking upgrade policy, rewired cheap NTK widebands and laughable tuner software. They should work with AEM for a fully PnP V2 solution or even the Adaptronic.</div><div>


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