New ECU = Adaptronic e420c

I have done some heavy reading the last couple of days trying to decide which ECU/EMS to get for the MSM now that the Hydra is gone.<div>
</div><div><div>I used the following criteria to help me decide:</div><div>- Capabilities</div><div>- Client software/Usability</div><div>- Plug’n Play’ishness</div><div>- Online Support</div><div>- Local/comunity support (tuners and users)</div><div>- Sensor, injectors and peripherals support</div><div>- Price</div><div>- and bullshit written on the internetz of course.</div><div>
</div><div><div>After ruling out lots of brands mostly due to price, ancientness, proprietary hardware support and money sucking unlock policy for “common” features i ended up with:</div><div>- AEM</div><div>- Adaptronic</div><div>
</div></div><div>I’m not going to present a huge matrix comparing every technical feature for each EMS. </div><div>
</div><div>Adaptronic:</div><div>First of its very capable EMS compared to the price. It has launch control, flat shift, traction control. It can control fuel based on a shit load of inputs: TPS, MAP, combination of both, EGT temp, water temp IAT, external switch and more.</div><div>It supports dual switchable fuel and ignition maps. Lots of triggers on aux inputs that can perform logics for activating other functions. One example could be richening of the fuelmixture or engine cut off based on EGT temps </div><div>Autotuning seems very good with lots of modes and parameters not only for fuel but also ignition (!) by measuring time differences in rpm acceleration on the same load cells and speed sensor output.</div><div>Boostcontrol looks very straight forward and can be both open or closed loop with either WG DC% or MAP targets for each RPM zone.</div><div>There is continuous development of both firmware and client software (WARI) with new features added for each release.</div><div>There is pretty large user base on the Miata/MX5 on, and the adaptronic forum and there is a reseller here in Oslo which have done a lot of installs on Nissans.</div><div>The sensor support is very good with calibration options for any type temp, tps and map sensor and built in support for many 3rd party WBO2 sensors like the LC1.</div><div>It can also read WBO2 sensor data from the LC1 via a second serial port which makes it possible to use the LC1 internal functions for detecting a faulty sensor.</div><div>I also like the Gauge window and all the other real time graphs and data logging options.</div><div>The price is very reasonable compared to other brands on the list and there is no expensive extra costs for opening up features or possibility for greedy tuners to lock the maps or config settings. The plugin loom also makes the install fairly clean.</div><div>
</div><div>There are however a couple of things I have not fully understood.</div><div>There are only 3 dedicated ignition drivers but one of the generic aux channels can be configured as a 4th driver. The NBB base map I looked at only used 2 ignition drivers and ran waste spark igniton. The 3rd was used as a tach signal. It is possible that there is no benefit of running fully sequential ignition on stock ignition setup as there are only 2 coil packs anyway. Not a problem but a little strange that there is 3 driver and not 4 or 2. Anyways, 4 is possible if that is necessary in the future.</div><div>
</div><div>Another thing I noticed is that you have 3 dedicated outputs for the 3 LED light in the ECU casing that can be used for whatever you assign them to. The default is functions for autotuning but for those that don’t want tha box on the dashboard Aussie style you need to use 3 other digital outputs instead wich sounds like a waste of digital outputs when you have the 3 LED outputs in the box. A solution to this could be to open the casing and just move/wire them some where on the dash… and void the warranty.</div><div>It also lacks some big $ EMS (Motec ) features like individual cylinder fuel and ingition tables and telemtry support which I don’t need.</div><div>
</div><div>AEM V2:</div><div>Fantastic features, nice price, new and very capable hardware, the first to use USB and not 70-ties RS232 serial interface…, nice tuning software. Lots of internal memory for continuous datalogging that can be downloaded AFTER a session instead of having to have a PC connected for logging via serial. </div><div>I think the AEM hw platform and the focus on usability in the tuning software will make the V2 very popular among tuners and gear heads in years to come.</div><div><div>No plugin for Miata yet which means a lot of work to adapt it to the MSM wiring loom and no basemap available. I would probably be the first Miata running on V2 if I did but it would take a lot of time that I don’t have.</div></div><div>
</div><div>As the title reveals im going for the Adaptronic and its already on its way across the pond with a GM 3bar map sensor and plugin loom.</div><div>I will document my install and any problems that may arise during startup and tuning.</div><div>Hopefully the basemap will save me a lot of trouble.</div><div>


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