Project update: Hotside parts back on the car.

Manifold, turbo, DP, exhaust, piping and other misc. stuff are now back in the car. It took forever due to all the small things that needs modifying or improvement.<div>The install process are now a bit harder withthe new WG return pipe. My goal was to be able to remove the DP without removing the turbo. That turned out to be impossible with the available space. Instead I made turbo removal faster by extending the oil-return hose and rerouted the oil supply line which makes it possible to just loosen the 4 nuts to the manifold and stow the turbo with the lines attached out of the way. That could save me a lot of time.</div><div>Here are some pics complete with DEI heat insulation and stuff:</div><div></div><div>
</div><div>The FM exhaust brace did fit my custom exhaust with som spacers. In fact I belive that with this method any decently routed 3” will fit. The exhaust is now rock solid tied to the trans. It will definitely offload the 4 turbo to manifold studs and hopefully have an effect on the stud stretching problem.</div><div></div><div>
</div><div>TODO list:</div><div>- Install ID 1000 injectors</div><div>- Reroute and secure the Coolant reroute return line ( That a lot of “re..” in one sentence..)</div><div>- Replace cold side IC piping</div><div>- Install LC-1 WBO2</div><div>- Install Adaptronic</div><div>
</div><div>I have decided to not do anything with brakes or suspension before I got the car running on the new ECU. As it turns out the NBB adapter board is not completely Plug’n Play on the MSM.</div><div>The IAT sensor is read from the airbox sensor and needs to be revired either on the adapter board or in the enginecompartment. To avoid calibration problems I bought a new IAT sensor that there already exists a calibration map for and will fit nicely in the new FM cold side intake piping.</div><div>


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