AMS Alpha 10 upgrade for the 09+ R35 Nissan GT-R = 1100hp and 9.3@153 MPH quarter mile

You think your mid nineties jap 4-cyl turbo engine is hightech ? No, its a turd.
At least compared to the mighty VR38 V6 twin turbo from the Nissan R35 GT-R.

AMS now delivers a kit that more than doubles the stock ~500 hp output to 1100+ that does 9.3@153 MPH quarter mile.
Other cars with those numbers are usually stripped out purpouse built drag cars.
This actually looks and acts like a street car (see videoes in bottom link).

AMS Alpha 10 GT-R goes 9.3@153 MPH - Full video from AMS on Vimeo.

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