Turbo and related parts sold...

Yup. I sold most of my turbo setup last week. I didn’t think it would go that fast but it was gone the day after put it up for sale; IC, turbo, manifold, dp, wg, exhaust+

Why sell now 2 after only 2 short seasons ?
I want more..
Not more power, more control.
With control I mean boost control, power delivery, heat & thermal expansion, response, modulation and drivability.
All key elements to smooth efficient driving on the track.

<div>Not that the 3071 setup was bad. Compared to the stock MSM turbo or last years setup with low boost it was INSANE. Due to numerous non turbo related problems this summer including a new EMS I only got one dry track day this year at Rudskogen and clocked a 1.06,7 !! Thats 1.3 sec better than my previous best though it felt slower due to lots of wheel spin and earlier breaking due to more strain on the stock MSM breaks. It pulls so hard above 1 bar of boost that it breaks traction going into 3rd. On my last session I turned up the boost to 1.6 bar and had the back end step out in 4th out of “lang svingen” at Rudskogen. If I let it drift out in 4th before the straight I managed to shift to 6th before braking some place after the 150m mark. That is some serious power in a MX5 which demands respect when chasing lap times.</div><div>The added power and the sudden explosion of torque at 4K requires a different driving style compared to my previous setups.</div><div>It’s now more a point and shoot type of driving instead of throttle modulation trough corners.</div><div>I tend to keep it in a higher gear than before for traction control which means you have to anticipate when to floor it and when you will reach the boost threshold and sudden rush of torque.</div><div>With more track time I’m pretty sure I could cut at least 1 sec just getting used to the new power. My calculated optimal time on the gps timer was a high 1.02 which is the combined time of all the fastest sectors recorded for the whole day. That’s a 4 second diff from my actual best time which is at least 1.5 sec more than the diff with other setups. That means consistency of my driving is worse and one of the reasons are problems controlling the power.</div><div>Anyways, the turbo setup is sold. I wish I had it on the dyno first. I’m pretty certain It was ~350whp but I have been wrong before :-/ </div><div>
</div><div>What now ?</div><div>I would really want to play with a NC wich is a platform that was developed in the current millennium and not the 1989 1.6 Miata which shares 80% of its parts with my 2004 MSM. Since I have too much invested in the rest of the MSM I have to stick with what I got.</div><div>N/A tuning is totally out of the question. Not enough power. Unlimited amounts of time and money might get me to 200 whp with no torque. ( Just like a S2000 :) )</div><div>That leaves me with supercharging. Or Rotrex supercharging to be more exactly.</div><div>I have closely followed the development and testing of the Kraftwerks Supercharger kits trough 949Racing. Very simple solution with bulletproof components tested on track.</div><div>Torque is nowhere near a turbo in the lower and midrange but are just as good in the usable power band on track. I can also reuse most of my IC and piping and of course the EMS, injectors etc. The most important thing for me will be INSTANT throttle response, no hot side exhaust problems and no boost control or spike problems.</div><div>It will lack the rush and total awesomeness of a big turbo setup but hopefully will give fulfill my goal of “instant hauling ass on demand”. </div><div>
</div><div>I’m currently in the process of deciding which size Rotrex to use.</div><div>Currently im looking into both the C30 and C38 range. I’ll be making a separate post comparing flow maps etc. If possible, I wish to be able to make 400whp with the stock rev limit of 7200 but will start with a pulley setup around 300whp ant take it from there.</div><div>I think flow numbers for the stock head and available reasonable priced header alternatives could be a problem.</div><div>One thing is certain. I WILL have my car ready 1. april 2011. Next summer is for driving, not wrenching.</div><div>


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