Mazda MX-5 NC 2.0 does 07:58 Nordschleife BTG

This is really impressive.  I have done a few laps around the Nordschleife with a NC myself but not even close to a sub 8 min lap.  170 km/t trough Flügplatz, 180 trough Schwedenkreuz and 170 up Klostertal is pretty insane. I try to keep 160 in these corners but chicken out every time.
This setup with a CAI, header and tune should give around 150-160 whp and yet he is kicking pretty much everybody’s rear engined ass on the track.

The GT3 doing a guest  appearance is a classic example of a fast car driven by a rookie driver. If you can’t drive fast with 160hp,  475 won’t help you…

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