New intake plans, Jet Stream Ram Super Intake

The stock NC intake is pretty good from factory. Inlet is in the front right corner above the radiator into a muffled intake snorkel that travels across the front into a nice air box with a decent size filter.

But with boost there could be some room for improvement.
Since I now can ditch the MAF tube I’ll try to rebuild/shape an OEM airbox to fit a 3” inch tube that goes into a Chrysler 3”  DBW throttle body.  I found some nice beefy bass reflex pipes in 3” with a perfect trumpet that will make a smooth exit out the airbox

This will eliminate the 90 deg bend on the SC intake lid  and let the air have a straight 3” shot right into the forward facing FMSC upper intake.

To also optimize the airflow into the airbox I got hold of this bad boy:

Fantastic quality piece overnight-part-from-Japan-YO. Nobody will know though since it’s hidden under the front.

It’s for a NC2 though, so I need to take air from where the number plate sits.
Depending on where it actually ends up on a NC1 I might cut out some part of the lower inlet floor an make it suck air from inside the grill intake when I drive it on the road. On track I’ll ditch the number plate and have full ram air effect with some kind of mesh in front.

Currently I’m only missing the Chrysler 3” DBW TB (and time). Tried buying twice from eBay but they are for some reason returned/refunded due to export restrictions(?) when using the Global Shipping Program. I’ll have another go and use which is a carrier services where I ship it to an Amercian address.


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