Pierburg CWA 100-3 IC pump

I just got my new Pierburg water pump that I’ll use on the FMSC instead of the stock Bosch unit. I ordered it from https://tecomotive.com/en/products/CWA100-3.html

From the link:

Name: “Pierburg CWA100-3”
Operation voltage: 8-16 volts
Weight: approx. 1.0 kg
Current consumption: 8.5A max. / (approx. 0.2mA in standby mode)
Nominal diff. pressure: ≥ 0.75 bar *
Flow rate: approx. 30-35 l/min @ 0.75bar / 40-45 l/min @ 0.50bar
Speed: approx. 7000 rpm
Temperature range: -40°C – 110°C (water) / -40°C – 120°C (ambient)
Protection: IP 67 + IP 69 K
Part numbers:
Pierburg: 7.04934.54.0
VAG: 4N0965567

It’s the same as used on the BMW M3/4 cars but with normal hose connectors (for VAG).
I have never liked the way the coolant lines on the FMSC are routed in the kit.
Lots of 90 deg bends and  routed all over the place making the job harder for the pump.
I hope to simplify this by having everything on the cold side of the engine.
Water pump might need to be but in the space behind the left fog light and the reservoir could be a challenge.

Other benefits with this pump besides being higher flowing brushless design is that it’s controlled by PWM which I can control from the AEM Infinity based on charge air temp.
This means I can have it running on 0.2 amps at start up, cruise and idle etc. and quickly ramp it up to 8 amps if needed on track or longer pulls on the street.
A new HE will happen later. Probably from the F80 M3 if I can get the push-connectors as well. I would really like to use nylon water lines as OEM’s do for fuel these days but I have not found them with the larger OD in a DIY kit.


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