Trackday Rudskogen 2019.08.11

I attended a trackday on Sunday held by
Weather forecast was not good with rain and damp track until 16:00.
Driving in the rain is getting old.  There is some satisfaction in exploring the wet vs the dry racing line but basicly it’s just passing time while waiting for dry tarmac.

Huge thumbs up for the fantastic pics of my car (on the track) goes to Sondre Mydland. See the rest of his pics from this evening here

This was my first time out with the new wing

It’s …. big.  Kind of embarrased at first. Total Cessna status.
But it worked out well.  The car has always been nervouse in the rear. So much so as I reverted back to the tiny rear bar years ago to gain some stability.
It was weird in the rain as the car gradually got looser when trail braking as the downforce was reduced with speed.

But everything made sense when it the track dried up.  The rear grip was fenomenal. I ran about 1-2 deg AOA and it just planted the rear end in turns that I didn’t think was possible.  The balance of the car is now wrong though with lots of under steer in the front.  

I did not run faster than 1.42 this evening as I immediately started seeing problems with IAT when the track started drying up. The new intercoooler pump is cavitating due to the reservoar not being able to supply coolant fast enough. It was very apparent watching the IAT readings in the dash as it would jump from 60C to 100C and then back when coolant started to flow again.  Coolant is also spewing out of the reservoar cap or the supply line . This was a problem on the old pump/layout as well so not introduced with the larger pump.  I have a BMW X5 IC coolant reservoar on it’s way that I hope will fit. It was cheaper than a new cap for the old one.

What did work out well was the 997 GT3 bonnet vent.
Temps did not reach 100C. Ambient was 5C lower than last time though.  This was also my first time on track with an oil temp sensor and was happy to see no more than 115C.  And this with the OEM donut oil-to-water heat exchanger.



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