New larger battery

New larger battery

So.. my motorcycle battery died again. Two years of service and it’s dead. I’m a slow learner so bought a slightly bigger one from the same brand (.. and it happend the day before I was attending a trackday )

According to the spec sheet :

New: 30 Ah, 400CCA, 9.5 kg, Lead-Calcium

Old: 21 Ah, 255CCA, 7.1 kg, Lead-Acid

Well worth the 1.5 Kg I think. And I can brag about using Jet Ski parts on my car. Overall electrical load is also lower now with no IC pump so hopes are high that this will last longer. If a stock NC batter had fit in the trunk I’ll used that one, but it’s not possible without placing it in the usable part of the trunk.

It fitted nicely in the existing mounts and location I used for the battery relocation


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